Tomeu Torrens


Who am I?

From my parents I learnt the magic of cuisine and the work a restaurant has behind. They were my master chefs and inspiration.

I can say I was born and grew up in the kitchen: stoves, frying pans, spoons and plates. At a very young age I fell in love with the art of gastronomy, cookery, to stimulate what belongs to us by creating new sensations.

I have cooking in the blood. It is part of my essence, my passion, vocation and devotion.

I believe in our traditions, roots and they are present all the time, every day, when getting a dish ready. In addition, I work to create links, bridges between tradition and modernity.

Giving the Majorcan gastronomy new tastes, forms, sensations while keeping centuries of gastronomic heritage alive, is the basis of our cuisine.

We keep investigating every day, to make our gastronomy evolve, yesterday and tomorrow.

This is the spirit of Can Amer, the place I was brought up in and where I learnt the skills to become a cook.

I am Tomeu Torrens Cantallops, a cook … and I just love our cooking.

Personal history.

Tomeu Torrens Cantallops grew up among the kitchen in the Celler Can Amer, the business his parents, Antonia Cantallops and José Torrens, started running 43 years ago.

Tomeu learnt the cookery secrets at a very young age watching his mother cook. With 22 he studied pastry making with the help of the teacher Pomar of Campos. Later on, he worked for the Universal Exhibition of Seville in collaboration with the 24 Spanish restaurants that were doing gastronomic tasting. From there he moved to the Hotel Habana Libre in Cuba as a pastry cook, afterwards he gained experience working for the Cabo Mayor Restaurant in Madrid at Pedro Larumbe’s commands. After a short experience ahead Na Rossa Restaurant in Puerto de Pollensa, he went back to Can Amer.

There, Tomeu Torrens, adquired the know-how from well-known Majorcan cooks, such as Toni Piña, Arnau Mir, Tomeu Esteva and Joan Romero, who would offer classes in the cellar behind Tomeu’s mother organization. Since 2004 he is in charge of the celler both as a chef and manager.

Already in 2020 a new stage began in the new facilities located in Lloseta where it has more than 500m2 of kitchen to cover the new restaurant.


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